ANCHORAGE, ALASKAAfter the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anchorage airport is set to welcome airlines aiming to bypass Russian airspace with a stopover at Alaska's largest Airport.

According to Alaska’s News Source, a regional online publication, the airport has not been contacted by any airline in that regard. However, officials say that some of the airlines have been contacting the airport’s ground handlers about the possibility of using Anchorage as a stopover to avoid flying through Russian airspace.

With three runways, all longer than 10,600 feet, special ramp facilities and procedures, the airport has already set itself as a critical refueling stop for cargo carriers flying between Asia and North America.

Location can be crucial for airports. The bulk of ANC's traffic is generated by pure geography. Nestled on the south-central coast of Alaska, Anchorage is roughly equidistant from Tokyo and New York City alike. Roughly 80% of all air cargo traffic between Asia and North America passes through ANC.