TOULOUSE, FRANCEAir cargo transport giant FedEx is in talks with Boeing and Airbus to buy next-generation freighters as e-commerce soars.

The world's largest cargo airline is the latest flashpoint for competition after Boeing last week launched a freighter version of its 777X to compete with a new Airbus A350 freighter.

Cargo transportation is the only part of commercial aviation that has fully recovered from the disruptive effect of the pandemic and is still growing.

At one point, FedEx had emerged as a possible launch customer for the 777X, joining Qatar Airways at a White House signing ceremony, but a decision is not expected before the summer.

"Aircraft acquisitions are strategic business decisions and we have deferred any new commitments as we evaluate and prioritize potential capital investments," a FedEx spokesperson said.

Boeing's soon-to-be-discontinued 747-8, as well as the 777F and 767F, cannot be produced after 2027 due to emissions rules.