SEATTLE, WASHINGTONThe Federal Aviation Administration cleared the Embraer E175s as safe to land free of 5G signal interference.

Unlike the larger planes built by Airbus and Boeing, the regional jet had not received approval from the FAA concerning potential interference from the 5G signals with flight instruments.

The situation led to dozens of flight cancellations operated by Alaska Air's Horizon Air last week when fog covered the airport and pilots could not rely on the Embraer E175's altimeter to determine their flight levels while conducting Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP).

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The FAA has been carrying out an airplane-by-airplane and airport-by-airport analysis and cleared most aircraft types for landings with instruments in low visibility conditions, depending on what model of altimeter was installed on each aircraft.

On Monday, the FAA said that it approved the Embraer E175 over the weekend for instrument approaches to Paine Field.