SAO PAULO, BRAZILOn Feb. 9, Brazilian carrier Azul Cargo Express announced that it has launched an Embraer E195 passenger to freighter conversion.

This innovative initiative was conducted in-house in partnership with the Brazilian aeronautical engineering and consulting company LHColus Tecnologia, starting with the conceptual design development, cabin preparation, concept proof, and development test flights.

When completed, the converted E195 freighter will be the world's first Class-F cargo aircraft. "Class F" category means that the aircraft is certified to transport cargo in the cabin, in heat and fire-resistant containers, with an innovative thermal camera fire detection system.

The aircraft features 15 tonnes of payload capacity and is projected to reduce carbon emissions by 7900 tonnes p/a compared to previous models. The prototype aircraft (PR-AXW) performed 12 proof of concept tests, eight ground smoke barrier tests, and one certification flight with inspectors from the Brazilian civil aviation authority ANAC.