AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDSA group of investors is claiming 300 million euros for damages caused by Airbus over the European aircraft manufacturer's bribery scandal. The group, known as the Investor Loss Compensation Foundation, represents approximately 130 investors.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Netherlands, is against the company's accountants and the current and former directors. The case concerns the large bribery investigation at Airbus.

The European airframer is being accused of winning contracts through bribes that were paid via intermediaries in 16 countries. According to the French Public Prosecution Department, Airbus would have illegally increased its profit by 1 billion euros. In January 2020, Airbus settled the case with €3.6 billion punishment in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The foundation now claims that Airbus misled the public from at least February 2014 to January 2020 by manipulating its financial statements and causing its investors to suffer significant losses.

The company also allegedly failed to provide sufficient details about the settlement with judicial authorities.

Airbus's registered headquarters is in Leiden, Netherlands. This allows the European aircraft manufacturer to take advantage of favorable tax schemes.