WASHINGTONAbout 90% of the commercial aircraft types that are serving in the US are provisionally cleared by the Federal Aviation Administration to operate on airports near 5G stations.

The FAA says most of the commercial planes can perform low-visibility landings in the presence of 5G radio waves, including several regional aircraft types.

The FAA approvals don’t cover all planes at every airport and are subject to re-evaluation every month as the agency supervises the expansion of the 5G network.

On Monday and Tuesday, Paine Field in Everett canceled flights of Horizon Air’s Embraer E175, a 76-seat regional jet, because of 5G-related restrictions and fog. The Embraer E175 was not on the FAA 5G roster on Tuesday.

The issue could return, and approvals could be withdrawn, if the wireless operators add new 5G antennas near airports, the agency said.