LONDON, UKThe British low-cost long-haul startup week flypop brings its second aircraft, an Airbus A330, into service for cargo operations.

Over the weekend the Airbus A330 flew into London Stansted Airport, flypop’s headquarters where the team celebrated the airline’s growing fleet with a party in the Diamond Hangar.

flypop has been partnering with Hi Fly airline for zero LOPA cargo operations over the past few months to meet the growing international demand for cargo flights.

“Fantastic to see our second flypop aircraft in the skies and especially here at our UK base at London Stansted Airport and flying over my house! flypop is now a revenue generating airline and we look forward to continuing to grow our fleet of aircraft throughout 2022 for both cargo and passenger operations,” said Navdip Singh Judge, CEO & Principal of flypop.

Over the next few months, flypop will add two more aircraft to its fleet for cargo operations and plans to launch passenger flights in the summer to meet the pent-up demand of the Indian diaspora communities living in the UK and their visiting friends and relatives.

“We expect a surge in demand for low-cost flights to India from the UK from Q2 onwards.” Mr. Navdip added.

flypop considers both cargo and passenger flights to several destinations in the Indian subcontinent including Amritsar, Hyderabad, Goa, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Kochi, and Chandigarh.