SALT LAKE, UTAHSince the demand for air travel has begun to increase around the world, airlines resume their international services, some even expand their route networks and fleets.

American startup airline Breeze Airways, which has been launched by JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman, has been steadily hiring pilots throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and is expanding its aircraft fleet as the airline grows.

About 280 pilots needed to fully activate Breeze's Embraer E190, Embraer E195, and Airbus A220 fleets. To attract new pilots, Breeze is raising pilot salaries with new pay scales from January 22.

As an alternative solution to the pilot shortage in the internal market, Breeze Airways proceeds to hire Australian pilots who are able to work as pilots under the E-3 work visa program.

"It's an opportunity to give good, hardworking, well-qualified folks jobs who want to live in the US and want to be a pilot for a US airline," Christopher Owens, Breeze's vice president of flight operations, said.

According to Owens, Breeze already has around 120 pilot applicants for the open positions, mostly from Australia.