MONROVIA, LIBERIALast week, nearly a hundred Air France passengers were left stranded at Liberia's Roberts International Airport for two days after the airline canceled its flight for the second day in a row.

Air France flight was canceled two times due to low quality jet fuel.

According to FrontPageAfrica cancellations were due to a lack of jet fuel from the supplier. Conex Liberia is the current fuel supplier of the African airport. It recently took over this task from Total Liberia.

Conex’s Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. T. Nelson Williams refused claims and said that CONEX has enough jet fuel and other petroleum products in the country to meet the demands of the market. He asserted the cancellations were due to technical issues on the part of Air France.

“The plane had technical issues and they requested for fuel, the fueler went there and waited for three hours and was told that they did not need the fuel,” Mr. Williams said.

According to Williams, Air France requested urgent fueling the next day and without hesitation, a truck was dispatched and seven metric tons of fuel was served.

However, sources familiar with the matter told FrontPageAfrica that the airlines are not happy with the quality of fuel being supplied by CONEX. This issue once forced Brussels Airlines flight to bring back its check-in time and an Air France to fly to Abidjan for refueling before taking off for its destination.

The Air France flight that left passengers stranded on Friday night reportedly flew to Abidjan on Saturday for fueling and returned to Monrovia to fly its passengers to Paris the same day.

Photo Credit: FrontPageAfrica