TOULOUSE, FRANCEThe Airbus A319neo became the first single-aisle jet to operate on 100% sustainable fuel (SAF). The flight was part of a test campaign known as Volcan (VOL avec Carburants Alternatifs Nouveaux), which aims to examine the compatibility of sustainable fuels with single-aisle aircraft engine and fuel systems.

The A319neo took off from Toulouse, France, with one of its CFM LEAP-1A engines running entirely on SAF. The flight lasted about three hours, and it confirmed that all relevant safety and performance requirements were met.

“There was no difference in engine behavior, which gives us confidence that 100% SAF provides comparable performance to conventional jet fuels,” said David O’Nions, Airbus Lead Flight Test Engineer and Pilot.

The SAF was made mainly from used cooking oil and other waste fats. Around 63 tons (57 metric tons) of unblended sustainable fuel will be used throughout the test campaign.

Airbus' commercial planes are currently certified to fly with a maximum of 50 percent blend of SAF and conventional kerosene. The recent test was only the first in a series of in-flight tests that will help the company achieve certification for 100 percent SAF on its entire fleet.

In November, Airbus will focus on the emissions performance of single-aisle aircraft. For its next flight, the A319neo will be joined by a Dassault Falcon 20E, which will measure the emissions directly emitted from the SAF-powered engine.