ATLANTA, GEORGIAAmerican regional feeder airline SkyWest announced an agreement with Delta Air Lines to purchase and operate 16 new Embraer E175 regional jets under a multi-year capacity purchase agreement.

These aircraft are scheduled to be placed into service beginning in the first half of 2022, and will be placed into service ratably through year-end 2022.

The aircraft will be purchased by SkyWest from Embraer and delivered new from the factory. SkyWest continues to be the largest owner/operator of the Embraer E175 aircraft in the world.

“We are pleased to continue to strengthen our Delta agreement with these new, dual-class aircraft,” said Chip Childs, President, and CEO of SkyWest. “The E175 continues to serve our partners and passengers well as we help our partners work toward full domestic recovery.”

SkyWest expects the 16 new E175 aircraft will replace 16 SkyWest-owned or financed CRJ900s currently under its Delta contract, with expirations ranging from the second half of 2022 to early 2023. SkyWest is evaluating the impact of the anticipated displacement of the CRJ900s, including a potential non-cash impairment charge.