SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Data released on Tuesday shows that Boeing delivered 28 commercial jets in July, of which 22 are 737 MAXs.

Nine of those delivered last month were the high-density 737MAX 8-200 variant built exclusively for European budget carrier Ryanair. Most of the rest were aircraft parked during the MAX’s prolonged grounding and taken out of long-term storage.

However, with long-haul international travel still more than 80% down from pre-pandemic levels, the data shows Boeing delivered just five widebody aircraft last month. Those were four freighters and one refueling tanker for the Air Force — but not a single widebody passenger jet.

On the sales front, Boeing won 31 gross orders in July but also had 17 orders canceled. And in a further adjustment made on July, 10 net orders for widebody 787 Dreamliners were removed from the backlog because those planes were deemed no longer likely to be delivered due to contractual or financing issues.

That’s almost certainly because of the ongoing problems with fuselage manufacturing flaws that have caused more than 100 undelivered 787s to stack up in storage.