SHANNON, IRELANDGECAS has contracted to add six 737-800BCFs to its in-service fleet, bringing the GECAS fleet of passenger-to-freighter (P2F) converted 737-800NG narrowbody freighters in operation to more than 40, an average of one aircraft added per month since the world’s first 737-800NG Converted Freighter was delivered in April 2018.

Two of the aircraft will be added to ATRAN’s fleet and the remaining four with undisclosed operators.

A repeat customer, Volga-Dnepr Group’s ATRAN LLC recently took delivery of two 738BCF from GECAS and will add two more of the P2F narrowbodies to their operations in September. “In today's highly competitive landscape marked by capacity constraints, it is important to keep pace with the demand and guarantee stable, high-quality services for our customers. These reliable converted freighters will support our ongoing fleet development strategy, enable smooth phase-out of older freighters and ramp up our delivery options,” said Vitaliy Andreev, General Director of ATRAN Airlines.

“The team at GECAS Cargo takes pride in ensuring our airline clients are afforded a steady flow of available Boeing converted freighters to enter service on time and meet the demand of the Air Cargo networks,” explains Richard Greener, SVP and Manager of GECAS Cargo. “We are delighted to support the replacement growth strategies of ATRAN with these additional operating leases for 737-800BCFs.”

With more than 26 years’ experience in freighter leasing, GECAS has completed more than 110 P2F conversions from their own feedstock since 2003. GECAS’ conversion projects have included widebody 747s and 767s, and various types of 737 classic and NG narrowbodies.

Between 737-800BCFs and 777-300ERSFs (through ‘the Big Twin’ joint program with IAI), GECAS currently holds orders and options exceeding 100 P2F conversions.