SEOUL, SOUTH KOREAKorean Air made its longest nonstop flight ever since its founding in 1969 as a cargo-only operator.

On June 14, The airline announced that its cargo flight KE8047, a cargo flight carrying Covid-19 diagnostic kits, departed from Incheon International Airport at 9:14 p.m. on June 12 and arrived at the Miami International Airport in the U.S after a 14 hour and 42 minutes flight.

So far, Korean Air's longest flight was from Incheon International to Atlanta in the U.S., with a flight time of 13 hours and 50 minutes.

Korean Air has been transporting cargo with modified passenger jets (without seats) since last year to overcome the drop in passenger demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March 2020, the Korean flag carrier has carried out a total of 8,300 cargo-only flights.