MEMPHIS, TENNESSEEFedEx Express retired its last, and also the world's last, MD-10-10F on June 4, 2021. The 43.6-year-old aircraft with registration N562FE (MSN 46496) operated in a passenger configuration by American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines before being converted into a freighter for FedEx in 2004.

The MD-10-10F made its last flight on June 2, 2021, from San Juan Luis Muñoz Marin to Memphis International. Two days later, it was ferried to the aircraft boneyard in Victorville, California for storage. The aircraft is owned by FedEx Express.

FedEx has operated a total of 64 MD-10-10(F)s since the delivery of the first unit of the type. The aircraft were originally built as passenger DC-10-10s but were converted into dedicated freighters and had their avionics upgraded following the merger of McDonnell Douglas and Boeing.

FedEx was the world's only ever operator of the variant. FedEx had four units of the type remaining at the beginning of 2021 and planned to retire them by the end of May. The first of the quartet was phased out in January 2021 and the subsequent two in late May 2021.

The carrier continues to operate thirteen MD-10-30(F)s, which underwent a similar conversion and upgrade from DC-10-30s.