FORT WORTH, TEXASAmerican Airlines is now scraping some flights to mitigate potential hurdles on its operations after having rapidly increased the number of flights to meet the recent surge in demand for air travel.

The canceled flights stand for around 1% of planned flying in the first half of July. Scrapping roughly 950 flights from the schedule is the latest sign of how tricky it has been for airlines to scale up after a year of depressed demand.

The changes also illustrate how companies are trying to adjust to the post-pandemic normal, with the rapid rise in travel pressuring vacation-rental operators and rental-car companies as well.

More robust schedules and fuller flights mean more difficulties when things go wrong. American is trying to avoid a repeat of its disastrous summer in 2019 when bad weather and a feud with the airline’s mechanics snarled operations, an American executive said.

Storms that hit some of American’s biggest hubs several days this month, causing delays and cancellations, contributed to the airline’s decision to cut back to have more breathing room when unexpected problems arise, the airline said.