VIENNAThe second Austrian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER with the registration OE-LAX left Vienna on April 28 for the USA.

The aircraft first flew under flight number OS 1411 to Bangor in the state of Maine, where customs clearance was handled. After this stopover, the aircraft continued under flight number OS 1413 to its final destination: Oscoda–Wurtsmith Airport in Michigan.

The OE-LAX was delivered in December 1992 and was first in service at Lauda Air. After the complete takeover of Lauda Air in 2004, the aircraft was integrated into the Austrian Airlines fleet. Since 1992, it has completed around 19,600 landings and over 133,600 flight hours. This corresponds to over 15 years in the air.

The OE-LAX is the second of three Boeing 767-300ERs to leave the Austrian Airlines fleet this year. The OE-LAT was already transferred to the USA, the OE-LAW will follow later this year.