AMSTERDAMDutch flag carrier KLM has begun installing Wi-Fi technology on several aircraft of its Boeing 737 fleet. Starting today, passengers can get acquainted with using the Internet on KLM flights within Europe. The first Boeing 737-800 is now equipped to offer this service.

To achieve this, KLM has partnered with the communications company Viasat, which will supply and maintain the necessary technology. Viasat’s Wi-Fi equipment will be installed on a total of eighteen Boeing 737-800s. The schedule calls for this installation to be completed by the end of this year.

KLM continues to invest in the on-board product, so that we can continue to meet our customers’ expectations and emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. On-board Wi-Fi is an important service that customers want to enjoy for the entire duration of their journey. KLM’s internet service is already being used extensively on our intercontinental flights. Through this partnership with Viasat, we are ensuring that our customers can be online on European flights as well.

Internet connections are made possible by connecting passenger devices directly to Viasat’s European satellite. During the flight, KLM offers a choice of three internet packages: Messaging, Surf, and Stream.

Messaging allows passengers to send and receive messages via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc., free of charge. Those who want to use more data can pay a fee and select either Surf or Stream. Customers can choose the package that best suits their needs. Those who want to watch movies should choose Stream, while Surf offers enough data for those who just want to shop online or read news articles.

Passengers can purchase the Internet packages via the KLM Portal during their flight.

The KLM Portal provides access not only to the Internet, but also to upgrades for connecting and return flights; service in the event of delays and cancellations; and services offered by our travel partners, such as booking excursions. This offers the customer greater flexibility and control over their journey.

A passenger at risk of missing their connection due to a delay, for example, can rebook their next flight to one with a later departure time via the KLM Portal. And an Economy Class passenger who wants to fly Economy Comfort on the return trip can arrange this for themselves in the Portal on the way to their destination (if availability permits).

After connecting to the Wi-Fi network on board, a passenger will not only be able to access all functionalities of the KLM Portal, but will be able to use the KLM app and at no charge as well. The Portal is the same on every aircraft, meaning customers will have a consistent user experience no matter where they are.

KLM already offers Wi-Fi on board the Boeing 787 and Airbus A330 fleets and is currently installing it on the Boeing 777 aircraft. As it stands now, 81 percent of the intercontinental fleet is equipped with an Internet connection. Passengers are expected to have Internet access on board all intercontinental aircraft by the first quarter of 2022.