AMSTERDAMThe ban on passenger flights from Britain, South Africa, and several countries in South America is to be extended to April 1, Dutch transport minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen has confirmed. 

The ban was brought in on January 23 in an effort to stop more virulent variants of coronavirus from taking hold and was due to expire on March 4. The ban is being extended in line with recommendations from the government’s Outbreak Management Team which says that it should remain in force because so few people are following the quarantine requirements. ‘As long as compliance with the quarantine policy in the Netherlands is insufficient, it is important to keep passenger flows to a minimum, especially from countries where the different variants are circulating,’ the OMT said.

The ban on flights from Cape Verde, however, is being lifted. The government said last month that it is working on regulations that would enshrine the quarantine requirements in the law. Arrivals in the Netherlands are required to show negative coronavirus test results and to go into quarantine for at least five days, 10 if they do not take a second test five days after their arrival.