TARBESAerFin, a diversified aviation services company specialized in aftermarket material supply and technical services,  announced the delivery of a Boeing 777-300ER to Tarmac Aerospace in Tarbes, France for dismantling.   

The company said it was an excellent opportunity to broaden its product offering on the Boeing platform and expand its aftermarket solutions offering to an increasingly global customer base. With the highest utilization rates relative to any other wide-body aircraft during the COVID pandemic, the 777-300ER will remain a crucial asset for passenger and cargo traffic on high-demand long-haul routes.

"The aircraft, which is currently being dismantled in Tarbes by Tarmac Aerospace, will provide AerFin with a stock of high-quality 777-300ER material, addressing the needs of their customers who are increasingly demanding a cost-saving alternative during the current challenging environment," said Auvinash Narayen, SVP Commercial and Asset Management in AerFin.

“This project is significant in many ways. Not only is it the first 777-300ER aircraft to join the AerFin portfolio but it also enables us to further support our valued Boeing customer base with sustainable, cost-effective aftermarket solutions at a time when they so badly need it,” Narayen added.