Key Points:

  • Porter Airlines has confirmed a $2.1 billion order for 25 additional Embraer E195-E2 aircraft, expanding their existing contract with the Brazilian manufacturer.

  • This new order supplements Porter's initial purchase of 50 jets, with the option to buy 25 more, indicating a growing preference for the E195-E2 in North America.

  • Embraer, ranking third globally after Boeing and Airbus, is focusing on penetrating the U.S. market with its E195-E2, promoting it as a versatile small narrow-body jet.

Expansion of Porter Airlines' Embraer Fleet

SAO PAULO — Canada's Porter Airlines has confirmed a substantial order with Brazilian aerospace company Embraer. The deal, valued at $2.1 billion, involves the purchase of an additional 25 E195-E2 aircraft. This order is an extension of Porter's ongoing relationship with Embraer, following their initial procurement of 50 jets. With this latest agreement, Porter retains the option to purchase an additional 25 jets, underlining their commitment to Embraer's E195-E2 model.

Porter Airlines, having already received 24 of these jets from Embraer, commenced operations with the new aircraft earlier this year. CEO Michael Deluce expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, highlighting the opportunity to broaden the airline's reach across North America and introduce new destinations. This acquisition marks a significant step in Porter's strategic growth and service enhancement.

Embraer's Strategic Positioning in the U.S. Market

As the world's third-largest airplane manufacturer behind industry giants Boeing and Airbus, Embraer has been actively pursuing a stronger foothold in the competitive U.S. market. The company's strategy centers around showcasing the E195-E2 jet as an efficient "small narrow-body" option. This positioning is designed to appeal to American carriers looking for versatile aircraft that can effectively serve shorter routes without compromising on capacity and comfort. Embraer's latest deal with Porter Airlines not only bolsters its presence in the North American market but also demonstrates the increasing appeal and potential of the E195-E2 model among regional and major airlines.