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PARIS, FRANCE - The french Aerospace company TARMAC Aerosave is planning to open a fourth aircraft storage site, after around two-thirds of commercial aircraft were grounded due to the global pandemic.

The installation at Paris-Vatry, an industrial airport east of the French capital, will handle storage and associated maintenance of passenger planes, TARMAC Aerosave said on Jun 16.

The former NATO dispersal base is one of several French regional airports with long runways inherited from the Cold War and now pressed into service to store civil jets, alongside Chateauroux in central France, a former U.S. base.

TARMAC Aerosave, which also carries out the recycling, has two other facilities in France and one in Spain. When being stored, aircraft must be maintained to keep them airworthy. Vatry will handle both active storage - or short-term parking aimed at keeping the jets ready for flight - and longer-term mothballing, which can last for months or even years.

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